Poema de Lodewijk Ouwens a Casa Boletas


Enter the village of Loporzano with care

Watch fot the stork on the church, she’ll protect you

They say there’s an owl living

In the bell tower that hunts

Your dreams at night like a ghost.

Turn right then left stop

The woodpecker knocks on the door.

Now pay attention

There’s a woman with a biblical name and far away eyes

Who is a true inn keeper

She’ll keep you in her house with a warming smile

And hot coffee and

If you’ re lucky she’ll feed you boletas

And hand beaten aioli.

She understands the true art of listening

Which is a greater gift than talking.

In the library is a girl who reads books.

Take care: she knows all about subtle interventions.

Once a week she takes the fast train to the capital

To even deepen her knowledge.

And yes there’s a man. He does the talking

His gestures as quick as his observing blue eyes.

He’s an expert on ruins in the bend of the road

(Watch out for Little Bustards!)

From Bujalaroz to Candasnos.

He can tell a Crested from a Thekla’s.

One day you might meet him before sunrise

At El Planeron de Belchite

He’ll show you the secretive Dupont’s Lark

And disappear again.

And finally there’s a cat.

Keep your bedroom door shut because she wants

To sleep with you.

All the stray cats in the village want

Her love but it’s you she prefers.

Leave the house early in the morning

When the quails call

Quit quit quick

When the nightingale still sings in the garden

And the sparrows gossip in the pines.

Follow the giant yellow finger

In the back yard and whisper

That you will come back some day

Some other May.


Lodewijk Ouwens